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Saturday, March 6, 2010

season's teetering

It is amazing how the weather can change so drastically.

Snow and ice for days and then....
Sunny and in the 40's the next.
This sunset shot is from Thursday evening.
It was so nice out the last few days I decided to
check out the river that curves throughout town.
Here is the view from the opposite side of
the street from the previous photo.
While driving through town I was shocked to
come across a deer making its way around.
As the season's mix it up I know we are not
yet done with the cold snow filled days.
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ramblingwoods said...

It is amazing how much difference a little sun can make. I will have to get out and take a look around. I had some deer here today that I grabbed a photo of. Thanks for participating in Nature Notes... Michelle

Carver said...

It is incredible how fast weather can change and then go back and forth. That's an amazing shot of the deer in town. Wonder if it's hungry and had to get closer and closer to more people to find something to eat.

eileeninmd said...

We see deer all around here too. It is wonderful to have the sun out and finally warmer weather.