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Thursday, July 29, 2010

mushroom fungus

The stormy days of Spring and Summer left behind plenty of
mushroom fungi. Here are some of the different types I encountered.
 Not sure if the one below is a weed, flower
or fungi but it sure looked cool at the time.
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This is about about half of what I have to share.

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Carver said...

I love mushrooms and fungus. I think they are so beautiful and there is such a variety. I love the collection you have here.

A piece of news said...

I just saw a television show on mushrooms and there really is one with a red cap and white dots, like in a Disney movie. They are pretty, but dangerous. I also like the last one - it looks like a flower or an umbrella.

Rambling Woods said...

There are websites devoted to fungi as I found when trying to id a photo I had...it is challenging.. I love this variety and the last photo is cool....Michelle