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Thursday, June 17, 2010

my week in nature

Last weeks buds are this weeks blooms.

...this is one of the most interesting things i've seen...
After the worst rain/flood we've had a couple of holes showed
up in the flower beds.  Upon inspecting them we found that water
was moving below the surface of the soil at a pretty decent pace
and the soil eventually gave way and caved in.
I thought this was a pretty cool form of nature.  If you click on
photo to enlarge you can see the water much better.
I really like the way new growth looks in front of tree bark.

It's been a buggy Spring so far.

I finally captured a cardinal pic I'm happy with.

These are two of the five chipmunks I've counted at the feeders.
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EG Wow said...

I'd be happy with that cardinal photo too. They are not easy to capture. How interesting that the earth is washing away from below in your garden.

Carver said...

What a wonderful sequence of nature shots. That's so fun spotting the chipmunks. I had one years ago but haven't seen any since. I love the cardinal at it's house, the beautiful flower and that is so cool about the water collecting. I hope you have a great weekend.

ramblingwoods said...

Love the cardinal and the chipmunks. I don't know why we don't have any here as they would be welcome. Interesting that you had your own sink hole.....Michelle

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful photos, I love all the critters and the cardinal.The lily is pretty.