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Saturday, June 26, 2010

storms, storms and more storms

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Just wondering when storm season will slow
down a bit. We have more rain and storminess
in the forecast for today and tomorrow.

Stormy sunrise.
The last storm on Wednesday night left the worst
flooding I've seen so far this year in the front yard.

The GOOD from it all....
water droplets
beautiful flowers

The BAD...
The trees are loosing all their immature nuts.
I'm not talking about just onesies....
or a lot of onesies
or even twosies
but entire branches of nuts

This has me concerned about not just the wild animals in
my yard but everywhere these storms have been prevalent.
When fall comes and these animals are gathering
for the winter will there be much of anything left.

The UGLY...
I think this is a turkey vulture but I was not close enough
to confirm it.  It perched on the high electrical tower
overlooking the back fields searching for its prey. 
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Carver said...

We've had a lot of storms this summer too. It seems like it's always either too much rain or too little. Good shots of what's going on in your neck of the woods. I love the way you shot the flower and leafy plant, capturing the water droplets. I hope you have a great weekend!

ramblingwoods said...

Great water droplet photos...We too have had storm after storm here in western NY and it is causing problems. I hadn't stopped to think about the nut crop though...I guess here they can raid my feeders this winter if they need to.....Michelle